Opposing the Ground Zero Mosque?

I am on the edge of my seat.  I was just on an errand and heard on the radio news that The President is about to make remarks from aboard Air Force One about his remarks over the weekend clarifying his remarks the other day from the White House supporting the Ground Zero mosque. 

When I first heard about the proposed mosque it was from an angry blogger who thought it an evil idea.  It does sound insensitive to the families of the people who were killed on 9/11,  But then, while I was entering The Essential Bean and glancing around to see if I recognized anyone from whom I needed to hide my mini Sarah Palin button on my bag, I overheard two women discussing America’s need to coexist with other religions in order to cultivate peace and goodwill.  Who’s not for peace and goodwill?  I’m definitely for peace and goodwill.  I’m sure muslims are for peace and goodwill, well, except for the ones who flew people into those buildings.  But Muslim-Americans have the same rights as all other Americans. 

All weekend it’s been  swimming around in my head.  Peace, goodwill, open wounds, ulterior motives, protecting our country from enemies, trying not to make our enemies mad at us, free trade coffee (I know it doesn’t apply, but it makes me feel lofty).  I’m so confused.

Anyway,  I can hardly wait to find out from the president how I am supposed to interpret what he said, and said again,  and how he isn’t contradicting himself.  But mostly,  I can’t wait to find out how I really feel about all of this.  Hurry up Barack Obama,  It’s 11:45 and I need to find out if I’m having a cheeseburger and fries for lunch, or an organic goat cheese and chick pea salad.

Really, Mr. President, this is beyond what the defination of is, is.  You can’t actually change what you said by saying something else.  You can’t put your bangs back on after you cut them.  We can see the tape. 

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Restoration of Dignified Living Act


Restoration of Dignified Living Act

As we move into the second decade of the new millennium it is time we sobered up to the reality of the direction our country is headed regarding human habitat and lifestyles.  The proposed legislation titled The Restoration of Dignified Living Act is just the tool we need to accomplish lifestyle reform.

As global citizens we need to have the courage to recognize the basic needs of our fellow residents here on this planet.  For too many years people have been living without adequate knowledge to make positive lifestyle decisions.

Many organizations have worked hard for years to accomplish their individual goals for standard of living reform. These organizations have rallied behind this bill which will reshape the ideals and values that families and individuals have determined for themselves since the founding of this country.

As intellectuals and scholars venture into the areas of crime, pollution, noise, and inability to encounter nature which is urban living, they have set forth criteria necessary to abolish these injustices.

The Restoration of Dignified Living Act seeks to compel advancements in housing, recreation, and transportation to meet the new goals defined therein through taxes, levies and fees imposed by the Federal Government.  This along with mountains of regulation will stifle any group which seeks development that further seduces citizens toward urban habitats disguised as an opportunity to enjoy a more cultural lifestyle within close proximity to work.

Consensus among those qualified to make decisions on behalf of families and individuals concludes that suburban sprawl is the vehicle with which to bring about the change from subhuman living conditions found in medium and large cities.  The Center for Creature Comfort has identified four major areas of concern.  The first deals with the lack of personal space when small living quarters fail to provide adequate “breathing room”.  This issue conflates with another which is adequate space for storage of  acutrimon needed to fully enjoy the human experience. They also have identified private space wherein one can encounter nature and enjoy recreation as a basic right.

GreenSpaceAdvocate.com was created to assist urban residents in striving to achieve private outdoor surroundings. They educate residents to understand that while they think living in the city suits their lifestyle and values, they likely were trained to think this way by a system that taught personal choices were a legitimate consideration in determining where they live.

“A swingset for every child” is the motto of the recreation think tank, PLAYRIGHT.  This group advocates for children faced with having only public parks for their recreation exposing them to bullies, strangers, and spandex-clad speeding bicyclists.  Their work has been recognized by The Picket Fence Foundation for raising awareness of these and other public recreation issues.

Through this legislation The Society for Food Preservation can begin to realize their goal of every family’s access to space for growing, preserving, and storing their own food.  This will reduce the need for refrigeration and other resources wasted in the transporting of food.  You can view their documentary which follows the journey of a jar as it is transported from the recycle bin to sorting, manufacturing, product infusion, supermarket, and back to the home again where the endless cycle begins again.  This is a first step in eliminating the wasteful industry of recycling as a whole.  They have partnered with Citizens for Home Grown Food who jumped on board last spring.

Programs to start as early as fall 2010 will be aimed at educating students in urban public schools about the poor choices their parents have made regarding where they live, work and play.  Teachers eager to comply with the bureaucratic government who employs them will attend an all expenses paid four day workshop in August to acquire the talking points needed to indoctrinate our children.

This post is dedicated to The Livable Communities Act.

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